Our Graduate Programs

M.S. in
Computer Science

Provides the tools and skills to build scalable and reliable software systems, developing an understanding of effective software design, as well as the algorithms that allow our computers to solve some of the most difficult problems in human history. Students become familiar with a variety of programming languages, database systems and advanced software development environments.

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M.S. in
Data Science

Provides students a strong understanding of basic and advanced methods in statistical inference, machine learning, data visualization, data mining, and big data, all of which are essential skills for a high-performing data scientist.

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M.S. in
Cybersecurity and Privacy

Covers the construction and maintenance of secure software systems and tools to ensure the integrity of data and network communication, spanning topics from theoretical cryptographic protocols to government and corporate policy on data privacy. Students become familiar with tools such as OpenSSL, Wireshark and Certificate Transparency.

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Certificate in Computer Science

Focuses on the core skillset needed by all computer science professionals: logic and discrete math, programming, and data management. Students will learn how to evaluate important computer algorithms, develop large-scale software systems and build and maintain efficient database systems. Successful graduates may continue to the MS in Computer Science.

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Certificate in Data Mining

Offers students an introduction to data mining with an emphasis on large-scale databases as a source of knowledge generation and competitive advantage. Instruction includes formal lectures as well as hands-on projects involving techniques to extract, report and visualize information from data.

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Certificate in Foundations of Cybersecurity

Focuses on techniques for mitigating the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to networked devices and systems. Students will learn how to identify security vulnerabilities in local, networked, and cloud software systems, and develop rigorous data management and software development workflows. Successful graduates may continue to the MS in Cybersecurity and Privacy.

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Certificate in Data Visualization

Enables data analysts and business intelligence professionals to master the principles of visualization techniques for communicating insights from complex real-world data. Students work with tools such as Tableau, Python, R and Javascript.

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Certificate in
Big Data Essentials

Emphasizes essential skills for data engineers to design their data infrastructure and apply relevant tools and techniques on their data assets. Software tools such as SQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, Hive, Pig and UML are used extensively in the program.

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Our courses provide a world-class, practice-based, data-driven education that translates immediately into expertise you can take to the workplace.

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The Jersey City Advantage

Access to Opportunity
Located in Jersey City, ten minutes from New York City, the world's financial hub and home to thousands of tech companies.
Distinguished Faculty
Teaching a rigorous and modern curriculum.
Courses offered in the evening and on weekends.
Discounted NJ resident tuition for all students, including NY, CT residents and H1B/H4 visa holders.
Flexible Admission
No GRE or GMAT scores required.
Transfer Credits
Credits from a certificate program can be applied toward the master's program.

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